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U-M Regenerative Medicine Translational Research Fellowship Program for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars

Program Objective

Build a pipeline of skilled individuals who can successfully traverse the fields of translational regenerative medicine and commercialization of innovations.

Program Structure

A customizable training program to prepare fellows for a career as an independent entrepreneurial research investigator or for a translationally-oriented career in non-academic sectors.

Spend up to 50% effort engaging in customizable translational research/commercialization training – plan to be developed (select from choices below) by the Fellow in collaboration with the PI, to be reviewed by the application review committee (composed of members of Biosciences Initiative Regenerative Medicine program Operating Committee/ leadership).

  • Remainder of effort for pursuing independent laboratory research in PI lab.
  • Split of effort to be determined and agreed to by the Fellow and PI.
  • Funding support from the program: $30,000/year.

All application materials are due June 30, 2023 (F), by 11:59 pm (Eastern).

Please contact Mutsumi Yoshida by email at or phone at (734) 764-4622.


Strengthen your research through collaboration.

Efforts in regenerative medicine span across the University, from the School of Dentistry and the School of Medicine to the Colleges of Engineering and Pharmacy, and beyond. Strengthen your research through interdisciplinary collaboration to facilitate larger-scale initiatives.

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Increase funding for your research.

The regenerative medicine research community at U-M has received nearly $370 million from the National Institutes of Health over the last five years to support research in areas related to regenerative and restorative medicine. We can help you attain more funding for your research while adding more depth through collaboration.

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We are excited to be able to launch a campus-wide initiative in regenerative medicine with the support from this Biosciences award.

David H. Kohn, Ph.D.
Departments of Biologic and Materials Sciences and Biomedical Engineering

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